see !  if you read the blog you see all kinda stuff ;>  new tunic-blouse in the shop.  a small run available.  it's fun piecing fabrics together, i love certain colors together.  colors evoke emotion.  we were on a very long bike ride yesterday.  everything was in bloom, everything felt a little technicolor.  the kids didn't even whine about going up hills they were so happy to be out and moving.  after 4 or 5 miles we came to a fork in the trail i had never reached before.  just some open green hills and a cluster of houses visible under dappled shade from the big oak trees.  right there was a cottage style house, a cool pale lavender with white shutters.  growing in front was a big rose bush with full orange blooms.  something about the lavender, the white shutters and the sherbert orange roses .. mixed sun and shade, the hour of the day, almost dusk - reminded me of something.  a time when my sister and i were very young, with my parents, visiting my dad's family in sacramento. hearing more italian than english.  all the kids splashing around in the backyard, our pants rolled up.  a home built observatory in one corner of the yard.  roses growing.  my great grandmother in her chair with roses from the garden in a glass next to her.  i wonder what she would make of all us kids now. 


Apr 29, 2020

jen – ;> xx

Apr 28, 2020

So lovely. I can see the bike ride and the memory just as clearly as the gorgeous blouse. xo


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