christmas pageant

Ursula Dean

ever wonder what it's like to live in an old western town that proudly hosts a very un-PC christmas pageant each year complete with lavish nativity scenes?  well here it is, my town.  i sat across the street from my studio yesterday with giulietta and her best friend, aubrey.  you can see my husband and son up in my studio window on the right in a few pics (brick masonic temple).  while the studio affords a great view of main street i wouldn't miss the sound of the parade up close.  the marching bands, the police sirens set off for fun, the 80 year old fire engine horns .. i love it.  the search and rescue team are huge up here in the foothills of the SIERRA NEVADA as you can well imagine.  they are a brave and honored crew of men, women and rescue dogs committed to getting anyone lost up here out safely.  they just rescued a couple from yuba city a few days ago who were trapped in their pick up truck with a sleeping bag and a little food.  this year the search & rescue helicopter flew low over main street and paused to hover and wave.  the crowd and especially me went nuts, i can't help it.  i love the horses, miniature ponies, dogs, weirdly beautiful billy goats, fairies, angels, ponies dresses as angels, dogs pulling bunnies in carts.  christmas comes but once a year . . .


  • lesa – i just saw this … i’m in the old brick building in first photo, 2 windows on top floor right. you were in my town?! crazy-western-small huh … it’s like a western movie set with 13 bars and 18 antique shops.


  • I skipped the whole horse mad phase when I was a little girl but I’ve been going through it lately. Would love to learn to ride properly. That horse is so beautiful.


  • these photos are really wonderful. timeless!


  • We were just up there yesterday for a quick trip to get our Christmas tree. We stopped in town on our way back to the valley and had a late lunch at Cozmic Cafe. There was something going on downtown, but we couldn’t quite tell what it was. Looked up at what I “think” is your studio hoping to see you in action. Nice little town and area up there, Ursula.


  • jen – it really is !


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