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hello !
before i introduce chloe, easily the most understated piece from the upcoming autumn collection i want to say hi, welcome !  this is my blog, my journal, the summation of days and years of work, fashion - a peak at my corner of the universe.  it has always felt tucked away and i like it that way.  maybe because blogs are now outdated, let's face it.  reading?!  bah.  i've always enjoyed reading other people's blogs and miss a few that abandoned them years ago to go the visual route only with social media.  this isn't groundbreaking news but i decided very spur of the moment to stop looking at my phone about a week ago and it was one of the best decisions i've made lately.  specifically, i stopped posting things to IG and probably to the chagrin of a handful of friends, to stop following the kaleidoscope of posts from others.  took the IG thingy off my phone completely and left a bewildering legacy of 722 posts on there for anyone interested.  why?  it bothered me that i spent time on it when my time is so precious.  i barely have time for all i do these days.  even this - but writing something for my blog here and including some images feels  more like a stone in a path, something i move forward from.  IG feels like sending a snowflake into a blizzard.  i also felt the tug to look at the stupid thing, exactly what it is designed to do.  yes - i'm a fool and you're not!  i admit it.  i'm just done with it.  do i miss it?  HELL no.  i feel so much better.  i also feel better about the example i'm setting at home though i don't know how it will really translate in a few years to her.  my son could care less about social media, a blessing.
i quickly wanted to let you know the autumn collection is nearly done and in my eyes anyway it's a stunner!  to be honest i'm still trying to figure out how to show it to the stores and offer pre-orders and keep some for the shop in autumn .. i made the bold (and thrilling) decision to just start sewing up samples of fabrics i had really small amounts of because they turned out an incredibly pretty blouse or dress.  i came across fabrics that were impossible not to buy.  i also dove into fabrics i've had for a few years without hitting on the right style for them and then suddenly everything clicking and the style being so fun to wear.  i will get it sorted out though and start to preview them here and hopefully be able to offer some of them for pre-order if you like.
i'll tell you about this new dress!  the chloe dress has a lantern sleeve, something i've always wanted to do and especially after someone identified a flower i saw as having a lantern petal - swoon.  the black flocked cotton is a marc jacobs (don't sue me marc) fabric.  gah - it is so beautiful.  the other fabric is a silk burn out - they call it a silk devore.  it is a silvery white and black.  i swear to god i did a twirl the first time i put them on, they're that beautiful to wear.
more soon :>  u. xo


Jul 24, 2018

always intrigued by these sneak peaks ursula… looking forward to seeing the whole picture. these fabrics are beautiful and it’s nice to be able to actually see the details :)

Jul 21, 2018

At least this blog is all yours. No other stuff to look at, no ads.

Jul 21, 2018

LOVE the lantern sleeve!

Mary Johnston
Jul 20, 2018

Leaving IG is a great choice, Ursula! I only went on it to follow people like you, lol. Won’t miss checking it. I know that it’s a struggle to unplug, even though it’s so much healthier for us. Anyway. Don’t think I’ll be able to buy because of the move, but can’t wait to see what you have for the season!

Laura Hofreiter
Jul 20, 2018

Gorgeous, lady! xo

I admire your backing away from social, and want to do the same. Have definitely been leaving my phone in my purse for longer and longer stretches, and even leaving the house without it sometimes. : )

Jul 20, 2018

lesa – hi friend ! xoxo

Ursula Dean
Jul 20, 2018

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

I’ll miss you on IG. I ALWAYS looked forward to seeing your posts there, as I do here. However, I understand where you’re coming from 100%.

Hope you’re well and not missing HI too terribly much ; )


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