ten years


it's been pretty quiet over here i know .. i think today is the 10th anniversary of my blog too, funny.  i remember the first post being a picture of my daughter and the caption reading, "giulietta, a few days into being 3".  and of course she just turned 13 a few days ago.  i bought her the new billie eilish record and gave her a little bottle of tocca's hair scent, Giulietta.  she really loves both of them.  

a new book arrived for the shop - Calder From the Stony River to the Sky.  it is beautiful !  great images (see above).  also very inspirational.  that last image is a "baby rattle".  the glass piece is a "dinner bell".  amazing right? 

i added a few images to the kimono listing.  i wear mine every day and hold court at home in it :>  i hope you are all well.  thank you for all of your support.  there have been a lot of new customers, first time customers.  not sure where you're coming from but welcome.  the etsy shop was a real life saver too.  thank you for visiting that site and making homes for all the past season pieces.

it's been hard lately with one of my dogs .. the little dog, lexi.  not doing well and that is a very hard things to deal with.  and i fear she is not going to make it, i'm not sure yet.  i'm trying everything i can, meeting with - everyone i can.  between that little one and some family pulling at my heart i just haven't felt up to writing much.  we're headed to a beach to camp over the easter break.  maybe some fresh salt air will do us both good. xo u.

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Apr 23, 2019

Congrats on your anniversary! I always love reading your updates. xo

P.S. You’ve sold me on the kimono…


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