books and hats

keeping things light ... i ordered a selection of books for the shop yesterday that i hope will appeal to some of you.  just a couple copies of each.  they range from a denton welch novel, in youth is pleasure (one of my favorite novels) to the atlas of rare & familiar colour (can't wait to look at this).  like a lot of english majors, i always fancied having a little bookstore with a cat or two in the window. 
i'll be bringing in the spring collection next month.  there are a few things that will be exclusive to my shop which i think you will like.  the collection also ships to stores up and down the pac north west as well as the east coast and some great shops in the vancouver BC area.  sometimes it's nice to be able to go in and try things on when you can.
much later, in autumn, comes a collection heavy on velvet and silk and what i hope to be a very special hat.  are you intruiged?  you don't wear hats in general do you.    neither do i, generally, but when it's cold outside and my hair is a mess (always) i put on this silly orange hat with ear muffs and faux fur inside that my husband gave me last year.  it buckles under the chin.  i started to think about how attached i am to putting this thing on before i drive my daughter to school in the morning or walk to work.  i think a really beautiful version could be made.  with a heavy silk rayon outer shell.  a pixie shape maybe.  a velvet side flap with horn button.  i found some fox colored faux fur from the canadian company who make all the crumply linens i've been using lately.  it is so, so soft and the color beautiful.  to have it frame your face and neck would be a luxury.  i'd like to start with that piece and work out toward the other pieces for autumn.  i'm sure i'll make another biba jacket in the grey silk velvet. 
isn't this guy beautiful ... he is a scottish highland cattle cow and he looks pretty much exactly like my big dog dutch only with horns.  i love his coif.


Feb 11, 2019

They’re on private property in the hills. It’s that ranch I think I told you about (Salmon Creek) that has a few camping sites on their property. Don’t think you could see their beautiful beasts from the road the road, unfortunately. Evidently they are here too:

Feb 09, 2019

lesa !!! where are they ?! we’re going camping at bodega state park in april i must see these beasts .. i’ve saved so many pictures of them btw.

jen – thanks i’m excited about the books, they arrived yesterday in fact :>

betty – hopefully a wearable hat emerges. so far it’s just an idea anyway. and i usually think .. hmm would betty wear this :>

Feb 04, 2019

I love that you are adding books! It’s so fun to see the non-clothing items you curate for the shop. Looking forward to seeing the new hat and would LOVE a photo of you in the orange one, too. xo

Feb 03, 2019

You can visit Scottish Highland cattle at the campsite near Bodega that I’ve mentioned to you before. Gorgeous animals! They’d look cute in a hat. I’m sure you do as well!

Jan 31, 2019

i am definitely intrigued by the hat! is this the first hat making foray for you? hard to imagine spring on a day like today, but i can’t wait to see your new collection.


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