blue lakes

Ursula Dean

a few pictures from our trip last weekend to some of the smaller blue lakes that dot the much larger lake tahoe.  we got a late start as you can see from the one photo at dusk.  actually a really beautiful time of day to view the landscape.  had no idea what we were getting into as we'd never been here before.  the lower lake is incredibly beautiful.  like fairy tale beautiful - with little streams, green grass, boulders, sunshine, butterflies.  it makes your heart hurt.  we camped at the upper lake, seen in most of the pictures and it made for a good base camp and some nice walks through meadows with the dogs.  my daughter and i fished the 2nd day but alas did not catch anything as i don't think we had the requisite bait, night crawlers (don't ask).  i love to fish and one day will actually pull a fish out of the lake myself.  my kids have caught many fish.  how does that work?

many of you have asked about the spring look book to browse.  i will be sending this online look book to everyone who requested it last summer as well as any new requests.  i'm taking a little break right now to clean my house and catch up other things.  the house projects are coming along and yes i'd love to share it's progress!  it's an old house - the one i had to have as soon as i stepped foot in it.  it definitely came with it's set of problems.  there are cracks in the walls in places from the house settling. the garden walls made from river stones are crumbling.  on and on.  it only adds to it's charm!


  • sounds magical. lovely photos. i particularly like the one with the sleepy headed boy.


  • Wow. It looks like you had a lovely camping trip. What beautiful landscapes!

    Also, I would like a copy of the lookbook when it’s ready :)


  • dreamy. the last photo makes me think of the start of a grand adventure.


  • Same as Laura. Can’t wait to see. I’m just back from camping in the Castkills!! XO

    Mary Johnston

  • looks gorgeous!

    Pretty sure you know that I want to receive the look book, but reminding you just in case! :)


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