black wool, beads & odin

Ursula Dean


i guess i'm not ready to let go of winter.  first image - light weight black wool gauze pintuck blouse with long straight sleeve.  available mid-march.  with all the rain i decided to take a break from the studio and stay home for a few days.  i took out my massive bead collection and made a few necklaces for the shop.  i think they look great against the black wool.  last photo - my elusive rooster, odin (middle).  he's young, maybe 4 months old.  his tail feathers are still coming in.  the older hens initially tried to boss him a little but more recently they've become a little gang, as i'd hoped.  i haven't had any more problems with hawks .. but i keep a wary eye.  i actually zoomed across 2 lanes yesterday because i noticed a lot of hawks circling our neighborhood.  i rushed home and everyone was fine. 

random ... i know i'm not the only one out there with a teenager.  god, i love this boy so much  .. and the girl is getting older, going to middle school next year.  the dimples on her hands are gone now.  i just was thinking the other day how this next huge chunk of time with them as a mother is clearly so different from when they were young and running around .. the really cute stage.  for everyone.  as my kids grow i'm sure the worry is all over my face, along with the all-consuming love i feel for them.  that stage when they're little?  enjoy it while it lasts.  it's actually the easier part :)


  • U – I loved Boyhood. Sigh. My oldest boy is moving out at the moment, so THANK YOU for providing my retail therapy! xo


  • The love we have for our kids does take our breath away. There are no words.

    love the blouse and jewelry!


  • kristina – i clearly remember being able to just pick up both kids and it really doesn’t seem that long ago. at 14, the boy is now 5’11 ?!
    lesa – i haven’t seen it yet! re the chicks .. argh, i thought you just make sure to pick up the eggs in a timely manner hence no evolution to the hatched chick? now i’m wondering .. i’ll have to read up on it again. that said – i am going to let them have chicks at some point, of course!
    sol – i picked up beading from my mom as well. it’s very meditative i have to say. they’re simple but pretty and i’ll practically be giving them away when i put them in the shop.


  • Your chickens are so cute! Looking at your beautiful necklaces reminds me of the bead jewelry that my mom and I (mostly my mom) used to make when I was little… I’m feeling nostalgic.


  • Gah! It’s only 8 in the morning and you’ve got me teary-eyed already (with that last paragraph)! A simple line from the new “20th Century Women” film has stuck with me these last few weeks when I’m feeling particularly indulgent in my blueness regarding my boys impending fledging. It’s the line where the mother (Annette Bening) says to one of the young women she’s asked to help "raise "her teen son . . . “You get to see him out in the world as a person. I never will.” Have you seen the film yet? I loved it!!

    On a lighter note, look at Odin! Handsome!! Curious to know how you’re going to handle the egg-chick situation, once he starts sewing his wild oats, so to speak?

    Lovely necklaces and blouse, of course ; ) I used to make beaded necklaces and bracelets. Not so much any more, but still have quite a few beads, etc. left. I keep thinking I’m going to use them, but never do. I should pass them on to you!


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