in love, cancer?

a few pictures from my birthday on monday (i'm 52).  very last minute idea to get out of town and i'm so glad we did.  we took the kids and drove to san francisco as the temps here climbed to 100+.  if nothing else, the city is always cool in the summer.  had lunch at our favorite dive, golden boy pizza.  headed over to a beach we used to live only blocks from when marcello was a baby.  we had an apartment on 27th ave at the edge of this very affluent neighborhood.  i think our street was where it ended.  as a new mom i used to walk with my baby all over those neighborhoods admiring their gardens, walking down to the beach and taking in this incredible view.  i asked my husband why we ever left and he reminded me the apartment was cold and the foghorn felt like it was right outside our window.  i remembered there was a fantastic walking trail that goes along the cliffs from the beach all the way to sutro baths.  remembering this trail from 14 years ago is what made me want to go to the city that day.  we found it pretty easily with the help of a local russian woman and headed out.  the trail is really easy to hike and lined with giant edible nasturtiums.  heavenly.

the shop opened a little late tuesday but i think everyone is aware by now.  if you haven't visited yet please do ! xo



Aug 29, 2016

I remember that apartment, and that whenever we visited you the local shop keepers would always start talking to K in Russian, assuming he was from the old country :)

Oami Powers
Jun 29, 2016

thank you ! my birthday is almost always not that great (my own fault). this one was really special .. just turned out well with fun and family, good weather and the ocean, amen :)

Jun 29, 2016

Nice way to spend your birthday. Happy belated birthday, Ursula!

Jun 29, 2016

Happy Birthday! <3

Jenifer Monroe
Jun 29, 2016

Happy birthday Ursula!!


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