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Ursula Dean

i have this dream that i've been casually pursuing now for a few months - buying 5 acres of land and building a studio on it.  taking my dogs with me to work after i drop my daughter off at school.  letting the dogs out to run around.  making a cup of coffee and sitting outside in the morning sunshine, considering what i'm working on that day.  it almost hurts to think about it - it's that good.  for me anyway.  the idea is an old one but it picked up again when i started driving giulietta out to her new middle school.  it's a 15 min drive through one of the most beautiful rural areas around here.  green pastures, sheep, cows, old farmhouses .. a canyon of oak and manzanita that opens up above the american river.  i could theoretically go fishing on my lunch break if i had a place out there.  my rent went up earlier this year to $900.  it's really a fraction of what i'd pay in a big city but i could be putting that money toward an investment.  you can do a lot with 5 acres of land.  especially if your father-in-law has a tractor in his yard and your husband is crazy enough to think it's a wonderful idea too.


so the spring collection for next year is coming along.  it will have to be small, just a few styles.  i think i managed to infuse it with a lot of what i loved about european dressing.  it may not be for everyone but i like it and i want to wear it .. loose, feminine, soft dressing.  there are some ruffles too i confess. 


  • The idea of a perfect dream for me too :)). If you can dream it you can do it. Sometimes things are simpler than you think. Magic happens x


  • I love this :→ Beautiful, achievable dreams. Will look forward to the updates – on your next collection too. Greetings from over in Marin!


  • wow ! interesting feed back :) i’m on it .. we’ll see how financing goes first. jen i’ve actually thought about teaching a class like that – in a setting like the one i am envisioning. the town of lotus is nearby and is such a cool little place to stay over a weekend. might be fun to come up here, do my class and stay in a b&b by the american river. a retreat have you.


  • Is it weird that I got chills when I read about this? : )

    Do it! You could maybe even connect with local artists and invite them to book your space on weekends to teach classes… like this place

    Spring ‘18 sounds lovely – can’t wait to see! xoxo


  • Your plan sounds lovely. I think you should do it, especially if your husband is on board!
    As much as I love living in the city, after only five months of living in an environment where I’m close to multiple parks, hiking trails, a farm, and community garden, I can feel just how much I’m going to miss all this once I move next year…

    Also, your illustrations for s/s 2018 are so chic. It reminds me of how I wanted to dress when I was a little girl, but with a style that matches my current more “grown-up” sensibility : )


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