Ursula Dean

my new little babes, adele and scout.  such beautiful plumage.  they're a couple of months old and are always together.  i recently lost two older hens to a hawk .. what i've concluded anyway after exhausting all the possibilities.  it really caught me off guard and needless to say - was heartbreaking as i really love each of them .. give them names, bring them treats .. they are free range and have a pretty large area to roam, the lower part of our property that we fenced and cleared last year.  grass grew up, the flowers bloomed.  the coop where they sleep is locked up each night and sits at the top of a steep slope.  it's a pretty nice set up actually .. i just didn't think hawks would come down into urban areas.  i'm keeping them inside their coop for now, until i can secure the open area where this predator is getting to them.  my weekend project.  i am also going to get a rooster!

the second image is a sneak peak at the fabrics that arrived last night for the autumn collection later this year.  the print is a silk / cotton and i just love it.  i like them all!  it'll be a very small collection for autumn but really pretty i think.  xo


  • thanks you guys .. yes – a rooster next saturday, can’t wait. and his name shall Odin !


  • I’m so sorry about your chicks! xo


  • Sorry to hear about the loss of your two hens. A friend had raised (bottle fed) a goat (‘Billy’) but a coyote got him. She has a donkey — apparently they stand up coyotes - but he’d been loaned out to someone else at the time. Hope the rooster will protect your flock! - The red-pink-off-white is really nice too and the texture black.


  • Sounds gorgeous, can’t wait to see. :)


  • laura – a romantic sort of blouse .. longer skirt, very full .. a new dress style i’ve had in mind. i may try to bring in some long sleeve tees in a tencel/wool jersey, very light. i feel like i’m always looking for a long sleeve tee to put on in fall.


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