be sure to wear some flowers in your hair . .

hey there :>

hope your summer is going swimmingly.  i thought i'd post some pictures from our brief trip to san francisco last week.  my sister and i took our girls to the conservatory of flowers (highly recommended) in golden gate park and it was to use an oft used phrase - amazing.  it really was though.  i had visited there maybe 20 years ago and do not remember it this way.  the plants, the balmy atmosphere, the beautiful garden angels, the koi, the lily pads the size of cushions.  if you're going to san francisco .. be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and visit this place.  from there we headed to japan town and had a great lunch with lovely tea and miso soup.  my daughter was new to japanese food (unlike most kids these days i am aware lol) but she enjoyed it.  i knew exactly the shops i wanted to visit there so i dragged my daughter and nieces to them quickly, we had more stops ahead.  i left with some more dishes for the house, a carefully selected handful of washi tape and some pretty chopsticks.  then we headed off to tigerlily, a perfumery i've been meaning to see for some time.  the girls really dug that and so did i.  i bought a little bottle of scent called "big sur" by a local perfumer .  i've always loved men's colognes and have no problem wearing them myself.  after tigerlily we quickly stopped at tartine, the now famous bakery in the mission district to pick up a loaf of country bread for dinner.  the loaf was the size of a dinosaur egg and did not disappoint!  the drive back to mill valley was beautiful, over the golden gate bridge.  everyone held their breath through the rainbow tunnel and made a wish. 

of course there were loads of stressful moments, one breakdown but no tears.  i just gave you all the sunny stuff.  you can't really maneuver a day with your sibling and a gaggle of girls without some steam right?  i've come to realize that people who get super stressed out are often the ones that need you the most.  to not steer away from them, embrace them.  i get really stressed out and if my husband, who is easily my best friend, turned away from me at those times i'd feel pretty lost. 

the next day was my birthday !  great breakfast with my daughter and nieces (my sister had to work).  i left with my daughter to pick up a big chunk of production from the little factory in SF and was promptly towed while we were inside.  $600 later .... :<  i had my car back, the clothes and my husband on the phone telling me it happens.  it was nice to be back home that afternoon.  the hug only son can give which instantly recharges my batteries.  lexi dog did a little twirl when we walked in the door.  my husband made me a drink :>  some of the vegetables in the garden are almost ready to be picked.  it's a short life - i'll take it, yes please. xo


Jul 07, 2019

thanks lesa & Jen 🥰

Jul 05, 2019

Happy Happy Birthday, lovely friend! <3

Jul 05, 2019

Happy belated birthday, Ursula! With the exception of the $600 fine, this weekend sounds like a perfect little slice of the good life. Was the dahlia garden outside the Conservatory in bloom yet? It’s pretty amazing (sorry, had to use that word) when it is!!

Jul 04, 2019

the eyelet sheath … i have that one too and each time i’ve worn it felt pretty good too :> xo

Jul 01, 2019

I typed too fast… that should read, ‘’no tears’…..

Jul 01, 2019

Ice cream, lily pads, tears, perfume, briefly missing vehicle……….. just a weekend in the life, the good one.

On a completely different but slightly related note, I finally had the occasion — oldest cousin’s daughter’s wedding — to wear a black eyelet sheath from one of your collections a couple years ago and, along with my son grinning for much of the time, it made the evening.



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