avocado in the morning

another look from the spring collection - the pintuck blouse in avocado cotton paired with the stripe linen skirt.  the color.  i love this shade of green but it's what they call a "hard sell" color.  leave it to me to include at least one hard sell color in every collection whether it's burnt orange, chartreuse, acid yellow .. these are colors you find in nature but not necessarily the colors that call out to every customer.  that said, this particular shade of green which i developed in my kitchen sink over weeks is a soft chartreuse .. "avocado".  the skirt also comes in the same shade in a great crinkle cotton/rayon.  once the color is established the dye house copy it and voila - garment dye is born.

by the way - i discovered why the images on my site in both the blog and the shop sometimes look flat and dull.  because i was using the firefox browser!  if you don't use firefox you're golden, literally.  if you do, as i was, the color is off.  you might try another browser if possible though i know that's asking a lot.  it will take you to the land of oz though where color is everything.


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