autumn / forest

Francesca in the Chloe dress - black flocked cotton.  (still needs the lining)
Giulietta in Jupe Antoinette - grey silk / cotton and Claire de Lune blouse in natural silk w/floral print trim.
Isabella in the Chloe dress - silver and black silk devore.  (still needs the lining)
wood nymphs ..
cool ..
we spent the last few days camping up at the lake with my sister and her family.  my nieces are such beautiful girls, inside and out.  i asked them to model some of the new clothes for the autumn collection along with my daughter giulietta, for fun and posterity's sake. the light was so magical.  filters - who needs them, this was the real thing.


Aug 08, 2018

Looks like a summer daydream! xo

Aug 07, 2018

betty .. sol – thank you!
betty i was thinking the same thing while we were walking around there.

Aug 06, 2018

The ladies look so lovely :)

Aug 05, 2018

so lovely. and it looks like a movie i’d like to see!

Aug 04, 2018

lesa – it wasn’t nearly as smoky as it is here. but why does it seem SO MUCH smokier than when i left wed?
driving back from portland through redding monday .. so sad and eery.

kristina – thank you xoxox

Aug 04, 2018

So lovely (the models and the clothes, but that is obvious!).

Aug 04, 2018

Absolutely perfect! Hope you all were able to get out of the heat and terrible air quality (from the wildfires).


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