Ursula Dean

what a week .. listening to the news.  the feeling this country just stepped in a big pile of shit with this guy waving his magic wand and creating havoc.  very unsettling.  confusing.  and the more you learn about how we got here the worse it looks.   on a positive note anyone?



  • anne .. so well spoken. xoxoxoxox


  • There are days when the common words that have been used to describe the events of the past days, weeks, and months do not seem sufficient. There are days when my thoughts about all of it are an angry jumbled mess, and I can’t adequately express them. The foreboding that a tragedy will occur to divide this country further. That this is what his cronies want to happen so they seize ultimate control over a very divided citizenry. My daughter is not white and was not born in this country, but she is a U.S. citizen. I worry. My fears may seem like paranoia, but nothing changes to make me less fearful of the free fall of prejudices and hate that could potentially be directed at her. I march. I rally. I write. I call. I wonder if it will do any good. I seek solace in the pretty things. So yes, your latest collection, the photos, pure beauty and happiness. What others have written here is hope that there are more of us than not, that think alike. I am so grateful for these things because it keeps me moving on, to resist and not give up. Thank you for that.


  • absolutely, yes ! thanks for taking the time to write, each of you. you’re all really wonderful women by the way. i’ve gotten to know you a little over the years and it always amazes me how smart and warm you are. i am most definitely not losing hope. change is always possible!


  • I’m needing to wear boots at all times to walk through this endless s___storm we’ve gotten mired in. I’m not sad to be among the many (for there are many) with loads of fight and love to spare. Down but never out and vive la résistance. And calico armor.


  • Oh…and there’s always the possibility of Calexit. ;)


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