and the dress version

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before the blouse came the dress.  my daughter suggested turning it into a blouse so i'll be making both versions in the near future.  hopefully something for winter with some interesting embellishment.  something involving silks and tassels.  tassels ... now i want to put them on everything.  the above dress and earlier stripe top will part of the spring collection for next year, these are samples i've been working on.  it's funny how much a style can change depending upon the fabric it's made up in.  for instance one of the japanese cottons i bought for the blouse version has an irregular stitch through it which creates all these beautiful crumples.   it just has a totally different look and feel.


Sep 25, 2018

so gorgeous!

Sep 25, 2018

So great! I love that you’re collaborating xoxo

Sep 24, 2018

thank you XO !

Ursula Dean
Sep 24, 2018

Very cool! My first thought when I saw this was “Morocco”, which makes no sense because I’ve never been nor do I know anything about styles there, then and now. Regardless, very cool!!!!


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