chloe floral

amanda dropped by after work to try on some things from the upcoming fall collection.  she's a lovely girl.  above, the chloe dress in a viscose knit from france.  beautiful drape to it.  i later found out this was a hugo boss fabric.  it's interesting how some design houses will let go of left over fabric with little care for who is using it for their own purposes.  others will come after you, seriously.  i won't even mention one brand by name who famously made trench coats for years and years.  english.  you know who i'm talking about now?  i came across some of their left over fabric and while it was pretty i was told explicitly that i should only use it for private clients.  i didn't buy it.



Sep 26, 2018

I adore this, Ursula! And the blouse in that fabric is also a favorite with me (and I have been wearing it constantly).

Sep 26, 2018

That came out just lovely! The top in that same fabric is one of my very favorites. xo


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