about valentina

just a few details about the valentina dress, available early next year. the dress i had in mind when i started the pattern was something with pockets, a lot of volume but pulled in at the waist somehow and most importantly, puffy sort of sleeves that grew out of the bodice rather than being separate.  though it has the illusion of being a wrap dress, it's not.  the front 2 pieces are sewn down.  the neckline doesn't gape and in fact is higher than most of my dresses.  the striped linen version is beautiful and the only one i added tassels to.  honestly, i was about to go nuts with tassels on everything.  the stripe linen version is a heavy dress in comparison to the black plaid cotton which is very airy and sort of floats around you.  the linen almost feels like a light coat - protective.  it hangs on your body and inside you can hide in it - that feeling.  i like that feeling with clothes sometimes, like you're wearing light armor.

last pic is in my bedroom .. again with the tassels.  i found 2 of these curtain ties at the big church bazaar last spring.  i love them.  i think they'd even be great as a belt on a dress. 

don't forget to VOTE !!  i'm riding my scooter over there in an hour :>

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