just a little wool please . .



we shot 2 pieces this afternoon for the little winter collection available in november.  it was a balmy 89 degrees here in the sierra foothills.  the tunic and fiji dress pictured in an organic cotton, hemp and wool blend.  there is 14% wool, really just perfect for the west coast, right?  mid-week i should have the rest of the collection to show.  the skirt is just as i hoped it would turn out and pairs really well with the new batwings.  the new gia sweaters arrive this week and i am looking forward to shooting those with the skirt too.  it's been a busy week .. it's sunday and i'm at my studio :(  we finished the shoot in less than an hour though so, as promised, i am going home to eat cake and drink tea with my daughter while we watch the 3rd harry potter movie.  there's nothing i'd like more. 



Sep 21, 2016

I love the grey — perfect! : )

Jenifer Monroe
Sep 21, 2016

Yay for Harry Potter movies and afternoon tea with your babe! The two new pieces above are lovely (and that grey fabric—YES!!). Beautiful new look book as well, Ursula. You have been busy, busy!

Sep 20, 2016

it’s looking mighty beautiful around here! from your autumn garden, to lake holidays, to this new collection. reckon i am on the mailing list but if not, please do send me your look book, and stay cool…

Sep 19, 2016

looks great! When do you think you will be sending out the lookbook and taking pre-orders?

laura hofreiter
Sep 18, 2016

The new pieces for winter look lovely! I was also working on a Sunday, but its a break nice to see these photos :)


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