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Ursula Dean

friday night we drove down to southern california for a little vacation and so i could attend the los angeles int'l textile show that goes on there yearly.  a chance to meet with fabric vendors and hopefully source new exciting things.  i was amazed at the fabrics carried by 2 japanese companies in particular and ordered a range of swatches.  very soft, wearable.  lots of fresh colors in solids and prints - indigo, white, petal pink.  i also kind of lost my mind at exotic silks, a supplier i've been working with a long time.  while they have some fun prints they mostly killed me with silk blends in solids.  the sales rep had washed a few yards of each and had them in a more natural, crumpled state and of course i gravitated to them like a bee to a flower.  one silk / cotton blend had this great satin finish.  another was a silk / linen blend in different weights.  a pebble-textured silk organza, washed, and layered over a cotton voile would be as beautiful as a butterfly wing.  i like the idea of silk / linen in navy with a contrast print piping .. or even a velvet-trimmed neckline.  anyway - the show did what it promised every designer i guess, to inspire.  as the swatches arrive i'd love to share some of them with "you guys" and see what you think. 

my husband and i were alone sunday, without a single thing we had to do.  it was nice walking around san juan capistrano, being quiet together.  the weather was balmy.  we drove up to laguna beach for lunch.  fish tacos :)  i could see the ocean sparkling from where we sat outside.  this place is pretty amazing by the way.  if you're ever in laguna beach it's called wahoo's and it's like a surfer sort of hang out i guess.  sandy floors.

i'm taking the day off to catch up with the house, my kids, and the menagerie of animals.  i hope to have pictures of the new dress in the brick plaid later this week though. 


  • lesa – oh you’re kidding ! i’ve had this fat little succulent sitting in water the last couple days, watching for roots. i thought i remembered my mom doing it this way .. i’m going to put in soil then. ha! you little plant thief :>


  • Sounds so perfect, Ursula. All of it! Also, as one who also nicks various wild growing succulents (incl. ice plant) to bring home to plant, let me tell you there’s no need to keep them in water until you plant them. In fact, the best thing to do is make a clean cut and then let that “open” end callous (dry out) for 24-48 hours. Then you just stick it straight in soil and it will eventually root. Careful, though—ice plant can take over your garden if given enough sun.


  • betty – yes, lots of lavender! it grows beautifully along the coast here, like bogenvalia and everything else i wish would thrive where i live. laguna beach is beautiful and the fish tacos really were some of the best i’ve ever had. i broke off a piece of an ice plant at the mission and brought it home in a cup of water is that bad :0


  • i loved visiting san juan capistrano. did you ever read that book “song of the swallows?” i mostly remember the huge clumps of lavender in their garden… something i cannot seem to grow here in new england. i even had fish tacos at laguna beach! taco loco, i think. looking forward to seeing those fabrics.


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