recently i went out to visit a lovely friend who used to model for us.  she's since moved to my town with her husband and 3 little girls.  they've been running a dairy farm along with raising sheep and chickens.  the place is vast, green and so beautiful it makes my heart hurt.  the day i saw her we'd just finished a few days of intense rain so everything was growing like mad.  the sky was filled with little clouds.  the ground was soggy.  we walked out to see the dairy cows.  a few were young, like this guy.  one was heavy and pregnant.  they were all gorgeous what can i say.  i can't believe how soft and pretty their coats are.  the girls held my hands while we walked back to the house through the grass and i could feel my skin tingle.  i left with a dozen eggs in different colors - blue, white, brown, speckled.  i want one of those arcana who lay the blue eggs . . .


Mar 01, 2016

i wish my hair looked that good ..

Feb 27, 2016

those fuzzy ears!!! and the hair on top with the little white speck… such an incredible color.


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