Ursula Dean

pizza with thinly sliced lemon and fresh arugula from the garden.  we tried to make a focaccia crust this time but it came out a bit heavy.  we're going to try a different recipe next time and actually wait awhile before baking it.  the kitchen is easily 5 times messier every time we cook together but so worth it.  it's been balmy here in california.  i put my bathing suit on sunday, almost as a joke but when i lay down in our backyard it felt wonderful to feel sun again like that.  the grass is vibrant green from all the rain and the garden walls are covered in this soft, velvety moss.  flowers are blooming everywhere.  i'm never ready to let go of winter, unlike everyone else.  i have to admit though, this is one of the most beautiful times of the year, when everything starts to grow and transition out of the cold.


  • i think it’s 450F and the stone needs to be in there a while (at least 30 minutes?) before you slide the pizza in. we also have one of those peels for the sliding. never tried any kind of baking on the grill. how did that come out?


  • betty – we do have a pizza stone and use it when making round pizzas. up until recently i was just making pizza using trader joe’s ready made – basically a small bag of dough you shape yourself. pizza stones are fab though, yeah. we’ve tried making pizza in the bbq with the heat cranked as high as possible, to replicate a brick oven sort of. curious what temp you cook yours on at home ..


  • is that standard for you guys out there, where february is the start of spring? it’s still deepest winter here. i think the snowdrops came up but that’s about it. do you have a pizza stone? i think it really makes a difference in getting a good crust. i love the red, white and green colors of italy in your photo!


  • Me too! I am never ready for winter to be over ♥


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