Ursula Dean

myrtle boutique in los angeles posted this picture yesterday of the new Sundress in ochre.  you can almost feel that southern california warmth eh?  this was my favorite dress in the collection in regards to style, just so easy to wear and pretty too.  the dress is available in the ochre, sienna and an umbrella stripe linen.  a few stores have just received them (california) and others are on the way in the next few weeks as spring arrives (east coast). 
to be honest i sold every last dress to the shops and a dozen pre-orders.  that only means it's time to make more dresses though :)  i know exactly the color too . . .


  • Blackberry? Swoon. : )

    Jenifer Monroe

  • i have a dark blackberry version of the fabric pictured above. really beautiful. i’m so glad you liked your dress, the feedback has been good so far.


  • You’re making more of these in other colors? Yes, please! Love the one that arrived yesterday! : )

    Jenifer Monroe

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