new shops

maude rare finds in petaluma, ca
myrtle in los angeles, ca
i am, by nature, shy but that didn't stop me from meeting with some very special stores last year to show them the spring collection.  i wore my black silk mina dress with some leather sandals and toted the clothes around in my bright orange suitcase.  i answered questions, tried on the clothes for buyers and took orders.  at the end of the day i'd picked up a total of 5 new stores i'm pretty excited about.  this is a very old school approach to sales but one that even store owners prefer sometimes, i know that.  it gives you a chance to get to know one another, look around the store, and even shop.  if you're near any of these stores i strongly recommend you drop by.  i approached them in the first place because they're well-edited, interesting and most importantly - friendly.
legion - san francisco, ca
maude - petaluma, ca
little four store - sebastopol, ca
myrtle - los angeles, ca


Feb 11, 2016

thanks jen !

Feb 10, 2016

Congrats! :)

Jenifer Monroe
Feb 10, 2016

Yay for you, Ursula, you travelling saleswoman. Funny—even before I saw the list of stores in your post, I looked at the photo and immediately thought “Sausalito”. For better or worse, Marin is so much a part of me even though it’s not the same Marin anymore that I knew. Nothing ever is. ; )


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