a glimpse at spring




some images from today's shoot for spring.  i'm introducing the new collection a little at at time because let's face it it's hardly spring yet.  it's been awhile since i've had the fiji dress in the shop.  though not pictured here, you can find it in the shop in the black or natural irish linens as well as the organic indigo denim, all big faves.  thanks to claire for all the touches that make the pictures fun and different.  amanda is such a natural beauty and an inspiration really.  i brought 3 bunches of spring flowers for the shoot and little else.  we stuffed them in her back pocket and between her toes.  tossed them at her feet and put them in her hair.  her beauty was really the only accessory we needed today though.  come see the new pieces here -

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Feb 09, 2016

fabulous styling/photos! that last outfit is for me :) looking forward to seeing more details of that print. it looks very pretty.


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