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we've been cooking a lot together lately, my daughter and i.  this morning we made some  incredible looking biscuits topped with eggs from our chickens, a simple white gravy and chopped applewood bacon.  unfortunately the biscuits tasted like baking powder but that didn't stop my husband from finishing most of what we made.  next time i'll cut the powder in half.  cooking is something she's always been interested in so i've tried to bring her in as much as possible to make meals.  she loves sweets, loves baking.  makes up recipes.  i suppose all kids do this.  it thrills me that she does it though. 
i didn't mean to leave off in my last post in such a low mood.  i was so moved that some of you wrote to me on your own as well as left comments.  it is hard at times, being a mother.  you love them so much, just want the best for them.  at some point you realize time is flying by :(  and sometimes you wonder if you're doing everything you can for them before they leave you :(  tears .. my parents really did everything right by me and i gave them no amount of trouble while i lived at home.  once i left the house i stirred up all kinds of trouble for myself though, some that took years to extract myself from.  i just want my own kids to feel confident and excited about life.  and to find love.  of course they will. 

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Feb 03, 2016

It looks like you’ve already gotten them stated on a very good path. I used to bake and cook little with my son’s’ ‘help’ — something about that together time making things instills strong and very dear memories.


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