late fall collection - saturday

Ursula Dean

the late fall collection will be available in the shop beginning tomorrow morning.  i hope you like it.  i've been meaning to watch this film again.  i haven't seen it since i was a teen.  i remember all the beautiful shots of france and of course the love story.  the first person to leave a comment naming this film will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase.  try a little love everyone.


  • lesa – i lov that drive. i’d live in petaluma now in a heartbeat of course. i never went out there when i was a teen though. yeah, i know the movie and the soundtrack through my aunt.! she used to play that record when i’d visit.


  • Now I have two movies to watch; I hadn’t heard of “My Night at Maud’s” before. Strangely enough, I believe I have the soundtrack to “Un Homme et Une Femme” (I can’t believe I took 4 years of French and never used it) on vinyl—passed down to me by my mother.

    Speaking of Petaluma, Ursula do you remember when the Phoenix Theatre used to show movies (maybe they still do). I used to drive there often (the back way through west Marin) to see movies (e.g., “Eraserhead”) often and “A Man and a Woman” would’ve been a movie they would’ve had in their rotation.


  • lesa – we have a winner with, “a man and a woman”. i can apply your discount to one of your upcoming pre-orders eh? a man and a woman is a really sweet movie with a soundtrack that is probably lodged deep in your memory if you are over the age of 40:> it is the story of 2 divorcees who find love. both of them have children and he is a race car driver. set in france in the 1960s, the scenery is beautiful. that’s all i remember. that and how utterly cool anouk aimee is.


  • kathy – so nice to see your response but i’m afraid that’s not the correct answer. i’ve heard about night at maud’s and will look it up. ironically, i am preparing an order for a store called maude in petaluma at the moment.


  • Hi, Ursula. Total guess, is it My Night at Maud’s?

    Kathy Tran

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