Ursula Dean

christmas came early yesterday:>   oami  sent me a drawing she did recently of my daughter, giulietta.  it's not just a beautiful rendering.  it really captures g's strength.  the hardest part is deciding which room to put it in after i have it framed.
btw - i hope everyone is cool with the new  it's nice having the blog, the shop and whatnot all in one place now.  i hope to make leaving a comment easier soon but for now, this is how you do it - click on the title of the post, "fairy" in this instance.  the rest is pretty obvious after that.  comments have to be approved (i like doing this btw), so you won't see it right away.  thanks for reading xo


  • Hi, Ursula – love the drawing. It’s perfect. And love your designs. I will need to keep trying to become a slimmer version of myself so I will be able to wear them :)

    Cheri Litwinovich

  • lesa – yay, thanks for dropping in here. glad you like the vest too. xo


  • Gorgeous girl and lovely sketch! New website design is aces, Ursula. Also, the new wool sweater vest I ordered is perfection!!


  • betty – agreed, she’s an amazing artist. and thank you for leaving a comment my friend :>


  • the new website looks great ursula! and, of course, oami’s drawing is lovely. amazing how she captured g’s thoughtful gaze.


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