small town


we left SF 2 years ago to live in a very small town a few hours north of there. i had deep reservations about moving here but it was in the cards at that point. my kids love it here and that was a huge start. a year into it i fell in love with the place – the spectacle of nature everywhere. it reminds me of where i grew up as a kid in san rafael. my son goes to school surrounded by redwood trees in a class with huge picture windows. people are friendly and unassuming. we want to buy some land and build a house from a barn plan, 2 stories with gable windows. it’s still in the works but at least it’s a dream that’s tangible. we couldn’t buy dirt in the hippest place to live so we left.

last night we went to our friend maggie’s house set on 10 acres of sugar pines, oak, redwoods. the house (they built) has exposed wood beams, big windows that look out onto nature in every direction. she has a chicken coop, extensive garden, 3 pigs, a dog, 2 cats and a baby cow she’s bottle-feeding after it was dropped off, neglected by it’s mother. we went down to see the pigs and this beautiful dark brown cow came ambling up to the kids all friendly-like. my daughter tried to kiss boots, the cow’s name is boots. i felt like i walked into a fairytale. i can only imagine what my daughter thought.

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