angry russian ballerina


over the weekend i made 2 dolls with my kids, my son being the primary stuffer and my daughter advising on the gender and fabric choice of each. both dolls are completely imperfect head to toe – not a trace of symmetry. it was totally engrossing though, even my kids were really taken up with the project. the “catdoll” began as a tiger and the girl doll turned into an angry russian ballerina by the time we were done. giulietta loves them so much and watching her make the dolls dance felt like magic.

unrelated, 7X7 is a sort of upscale local magazine from san francisco highlighting fashion, food, the arts and all things socialite. the june issue is the annual “100 things we love” and they honored modaspia with the “sweetest things” award. i was so hoping they were going to include the picture of giulietta in her dress i made her but i’m happy about the local distinction. the ironic part is i no longer live there but that didn’t seem to be an issue for them.

totally unrelated i bought an italian vogue yesterday, really the only fashion publication i care about anymore. with it came the casa vogue insert. the pictures in these are mind-bending. every page is poetry. italian vogue often uses abandoned houses for shoots bringing in textiles, furniture etc. to create something eery and beautiful. old and modern, an abandoned russian folk house and a modern house in verona, italy by carlo scarpa.

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