hello italia


yesterday my fabric arrived – everything i bought to make the spring 2010 collection for women. these are left over factory runs, commonly known as surplus fabrics. they are really the best out there, from italy and ireland this time. i chose these because i just love the prints and the cotton/linen blends are great colors – taupe, curry, a white stripe.
i designed the collection (loosely) and put it to paper (crudely) over the weekend. the patterns and prototypes come next, and some fumbling.
this collection is really a new start for me in a big way. after working with showrooms out of los angeles for several years i just grew tired of it and left. i think it’s a great selling vehicle, a showroom, for the right designer but i’m not sure i’m that designer. i like working on small collections and taking my time. in general, showrooms want big collections with lots and lots of color options. i am going to try out a small collection with a very select group of fabrics and present it to buyers through what’s called in the trade, a look book. old school style. we’ll see how it goes. i am for the first time in a long while though, relaxed and excited again about designing a collection.

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