classique couture

about a million years ago when i worked in the corporate world behind a desk answering questions about retirement funds, i befriended a cute brunette there named deanna thieme. we both spent a lot of our free time sewing and a fair amount of time at work stealth-talking about starting one’s own business. 7 years on, we each have a business we feel very passionate about and lucky to have. while i concentrated on a clothing line, deanna found a niche in handbags. she has a great eye for textiles and pulls from an enviable stash of vintage fabrics she’s collected over the years. every stitch is perfection and she always uses the prettiest handles. i’ve always thought her bags had that editorial look – like you’d see it in paris vogue. last spring i asked if i could borrow some pieces for a shoot we did for the lookbook. the theme was loosely based on 1930′s poolside glamour. these are some of the shots from our collaboration that day. her work is available on etsy of course!

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