road trip

we drove to a wedding up the coast saturday and stayed the night in eureka. the trip home was by far the best part of the weekend though. we stopped to see the giant redwood trees and make “fairy houses” from twigs, rocks and leaves. we came upon a huge lake further down, so big it practically had it’s own coastline of rocks, rolling green hills, sparkling water, tiny islands – brilliant sun. my husband and i had the same idea almost simultaneously – it looks like lake como in italy, a place we loved so much when we stumbled upon it driving around italy we’ve never stop talking about it. put it this way, our son’s middle name is lario, a district there in lake como. by the time we left the little coast of clear lake we’d already hashed the brilliant idea of building a little vacation house on the water with big windows and a deck. just to sit and drink wine (from nearby napa, another nice drive) or tool around in a little boat. or drive our ’62 red volvo coupe around the lake. we’re both big dreamers.

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