isle and shell


i just added the last few pieces from my spring collection for 2010 to etsy today. among them are the isle skirt in a brown herringbone linen and the shell in white stripe linen. these pieces are so easy to wear and when they get wrinkled they just look cooler. i’m not a big fan of the starched and pressed linen look. it should look like you slept in it for ultimate effect.

i’m shooting the look book for the collection this weekend with an old friend who is by trade a stylist these days. it’s a small collection so it should go quickly and not be as exhausting as it has been in the past when we had 50 or 60 shots to nail down. we’ll be in san francisco to do the shoot and hopefully staying a few days at my hotel majestic. it’s also a rare opportunity to hang out with my husband for a few days alone. he’s my favorite photographer and we’ve been working together on modaspia since the begining.

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