talking about men at nick and ned’s.

my favorite kind of weather in san francisco.

loriel, who is by day a science student.

photo shoots can be at times boring, glamorous and hysterical. ours usually have all 3 elements going on. the models are never professionals but always game to do their best. i am usually coming unhinged right before we start, as if everything depends upon my vision of the collection being reflected in these photos. they always turn out alright but usually different from what i’d pictured.
this time i had my ace in the hole with me – my friend claire. she’s been a stylist for years. she’s been my friend for almost 20 years now. she’s talented, funny, caring. we had a lot of fun in this sunny little berkeley backyard on saturday. she kept it clean, uniform, stylish – all the things that make her a pro. she’s great company too.

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