giulietta at home in the mud.

me, holding the can that would soon become a coffee maker.

friday night, on a whim we decided to go camping at one of the near by lakes the next day. we packed up and left around noon with the kids, a tent, stove and equal parts junk food and healthy food. the lake was cool and quiet. many trees, mostly redwoods had these gorgeous “antlers” covered in moss. branches that had been clipped i guess. along the lake was sand, moss, flowers. the air was soft and warm, it felt like hawaii.

lunch was hot dogs with white bread and cupcakes for desert. dinner was grilled chicken and watermelon followed by that classic concoction i want no part of – shmores? toasted marshmellows sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers.

coffee in the morning is one of the best parts of camping. this morning i realized to my utter horror that i’d forgotton the french press for coffee. i brought the coffee but how to prepair it? i fashioned a primitive coffee maker from half an empty beer can, a sippy cup and a paper towel filter. it worked!

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