doe in san francisco


most of the shops that carry modaspia are small, family-run businesses. the women who run them are generally very sharp, funny and creative. it’s a difficult business to be in, especially right now. i’ve become friends with them over the years, mostly over the phone. a few i’ve met in person. katie, who owns doe in san francisco was by far the friendliest ever. the day i met her she not only bought up the collection, she invited us to her daughter’s birthday party the following week. my son still has the tonka truck she sent him for his birthday a few years ago.
doe is hands down one of the coolest places to shop in SF. it’s like a tiny emporium of the neatest toys, books, clothes and accessories for the whole family. her online store is equally fun to browse. the store has a very personal vibe that is all katie and can best be described as “forest friendly”. if you’re ever in SF don’t miss it.

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