what's in a name


a good friend of mine writes weekly articles for, a great site to learn pretty much anything going on in the world pertaining to the eco-movement. in other words all things good for you, me and the planet we live on. her posts are mainly fashion-oriented and she’s pulled modaspia into a few articles now bless her.
today’s post was about the origin of 7 designer’s label names and it’s pretty interesting. i think mine was by far the most out there though:

“modaspia very loosely translates in Italian to spy fashion. At the time I started the label I had a cropped bob I dyed several colors in one year and was dubbed “Spygirl” by my boyfriend – like the spies in old movies, changing their look. We had “Spycar”, a ‘62 Volvo like the one in the old spy series “The Saint”. A clothing line? It had to fit in the scheme but the Italian sounded cool. I still have the car and married the boyfriend.”

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