project runway tomorrow nite!

heidi in her modaspia

i don’t know why it feels like christmas every time this show is on but it does to me! i can’t be alone in this, i just get giddy as soon as it starts. if someone in my family dares to talk during it or walk in front of the tv – i don’t care if they are a toddler, i’ll throw a pillow at them. i guess the show location is los angeles now – which is boring ! we like to see what’s going on in ny! but that’s ok.
i don’t mean to brag but this is cool – it was a very big deal to me at the time. when my friend oami and i started modaspia, we made a silk velvet jacket (hand dyed in the washing machine!) with a hand painted silk lining, ribbon belt and hand felted flower that was pinned to the belt. talk about labour-intensive, especially for oami. i just designed the jacket. we sold it our first season out to shops in NY and at one of these shops heidi klume picked one up. she appeared in it in InStyle magazine and we got quite a lot of mail orders for it following that. heidi, do you still have your Biba Jacket we made you ?!

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