santa cruz

we spent most of the weekend in santa cruz, guests of my sister-in-law. she rents a house by the beach every year and both families pile into a couple of rooms, a total of 5 kids. it’s mayhem but beautiful to watch them at the beach and in the water. actually jeremy watched them and i dozed on the warm sand like a bum.
i was really curious about a new store downtown called stripe that sells my dresses. the owners behind it are seasoned designers and create the showrooms for ducatti motorcycles in the u.s. and that instantly got my attention as i love the moto gp. the store is sort of like anthropologie but better. just a vast array of old and new trinkets, re-structured furniture, art and a well-edited selection of clothing. but it’s the way everything is presented that makes it so fun to enter this place. jewelry in candy dishes hardly scratches the surface. definitely come see it if you’re in santa cruz.

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