eating spicy italian sausage at the festival of san gennaro in little italy.

making my favorite sandwich.

obviously highly interested in the tour at the brooklyn brewary. in the room next door though hundreds of williamsburg hipsters meet to share the best beer on that side of the country. sun glints through the high windows and everyone sits at crowded picnic tables. it was a lot of fun.

lunch at Diner in williamsburg.

my booth at the show. the world’s smallest collection!

cool old building next door to our show. we were housed in the top floor of the original train depot in nyc.

alice, moriah and amy at dinner.

one of many interesting shops in lower east side.

lombardi’s pizzaria. after we finished the show, the three of us ate 2 large pizzas!

pizza margherita – how can you resist?

jeremy in the subway in harlem.

new york was great! i had 2 days working my booth at an eco designer trade show and the remainder taking in as much as i could in a short time. on saturday we probably walked 20 or more miles seeing little shops, some i’ve been selling to for awhile, eating in places we’d read about, and of course beer tasting in brooklyn. that was just the daytime. sat. nite we stumbled on the festival of san gennaro in little italy and it was pretty brilliant. carnival lights, crafts but mostly food stands – too many good things to eat. we finally settled on the spicy italian sausage sandwiches. all i could do was ooh and aaah and dab at my chin.

sunday nite we had dinner with a bunch of designers from the show, including my east coast pen pal amy, whom i’d never met in person. the girls from label feral childe were there, alice and moriah, who invited me to do the show. they’re both as charming and sweet as they are pretty. to be honest, i had so many girl crushes going on it was making my head spin. i also met the extremely talented annie from frei designs and we got to chat for awhile over a giant fishbowl of sangria. she’s just opened a shop out of the front of her apartment in chicago called workshop that is a work of art in itself.

the show itself was a real success, not only in terms of sales but just meeting new people and sharing ideas. fashion is a hard business to be in right now and can easily be seen as unessential in these economic times. designers and shop owners are having to work very, very hard to stay afloat. the people i met at the show were all survivors – a bunch of sweet hippies when you get down to it. i’m pretty sure i’m going back in february to show a fall collection, if they’ll have me.

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