The Elizabeth II in barley by Yokoo

The Green Cloche by Yellowfield7

Pompom Shrub Necklace in linen by Yokoo

Yokoo i stumbled upon in someone’s comments on another blog and decided to check it out. she also sells on etsy and knits a really unique line of bags, over-size cowls and accessories. i am definitely buying this bag for myself but also in seeing these pom-pom accessories realized they could be a great element for styling my fall collection for 2010. i love the headband and necklace and they could be gorgeous paired with the wools i’m sourcing right now in a dreamy teal, acorn, russet and more colors all found in the natural world.
the cloche is by yellowfield7, another etsy seller. her styling is as wonderful as yokoos. each photo looks like it could be a painting, a portraiture. i love the blouse in this photo. i may have to unabashedly steal that back detail and translate into the gauzy wool i bought for the fall collection.

the weekend was great, no tears. lots of laughing, drinking cocktails in the hotel with friends. taking pictures of eachother in the club, losing my voice from shouting to be heard. promises to do it again soon.

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