slept in clothes

we went to a christmas party last nite, my husband and i. it was fun getting dressed up a little, i have so many samples right now as i test out a fall collection for 2010. these pieces came together so easily, always a good sign. a houndstooth pencil skirt with ribbon belt, the black wool shell with buttons down the back and the pintuck blouse in watermark silk. i wore my coat from last year with the gorgeous horn buttons. i didn’t sell a single one of those coats to the shops and it remains my absolute favorite in the closet – a hemp and wool blend.
when we came home i was so tired from sewing all day, talking and drinking in the evening, i crawled into bed in my clothes. i didn’t get undressed until my husband came to bed but you know what? i was really comfortable in all that silk and wool. snug as a bug. just some rumpling but i think clothes look best in that state.

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