1934 country house


this house is my current obsession. an old a-frame on 4 acres just outside of town. my mind immediately goes to bunnies, a dog, chickens, more cats, a big kitchen, a porch, a studio to work from finally.
we did not get the house we went into escrow with over the holidays. as it turned out we have to wait several more months to apply for a loan and get it. i’m still reeling over how far we went into escrow thinking we were going to be able to buy the house, being told we were a shoe-in for the loan.
both of us are self-employed. we pay health insurance out of pocket. the last few years were pretty challenging. then suddenly we started to climb back up and it feels good. it’s hard to be patient, to wait to buy a house. i’ve wanted to do this not only for my kids but for myself for 10 years now. when i was in my 20′s i never imagined i’d want to live in the country or even own a house. i lived in san francisco and that was enough at the time. now i am literally dreaming at night of this elusive country house with the bit of property. less than 10 miles from our rental with the horrible carpets i hope to never see again.
over the weekend we took a drive out to this area with it’s ponds, rolling hills, cows and sheep. i’m smitten. hopefully we can buy something out that way when the lenders are ready for us again. meanwhile i’m making plans. you can’t put me down!

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