erica tanov


always inspirational to me, erica tanov is my favorite local designer. she’s originally from berkeley where the flagship store is but has shops in sf & nyc as well. i love her hippy style. she uses luxe fabrics and knits, mostly from italy. it’s a deceptively simple, loose look that i love.

i’m shooting my fall 2010 collection this weekend with melissa who reminds me of jean seberg. i think we’re shooting in some empty studios in an old 1930′s victorian. she said the wood floors are painted red in some rooms and there’s some cute green curtains left in another. sounds like magic to me.

primoeza posted a few pics from her new lookbook on her website. she has a knitwear line and has beautiful style. they’re pretty cool! she’s also very sweet and quite pretty. she lives in australia.

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