a girl needs a garden

last year i grew icelandic poppies from seed. yesterday i just went and bought loads of potted flowers, some italian herbs and a pretty rose bush. cleaned the deck of all the debris left over from winter (harsh) and bought some cushions for the outdoor chairs. it’s a nice place to come to in between sewing jags. i’ve been working incredibly hard since a bit of press on the blog a cup of jo. orders poured in from all over the world for 3 straight days, it was great. at the end of the week though i decided to close the etsy shop for awhile to start on them and try to catch up. no reason to wait 4 weeks for a bloody french tee right :)
i’ll reopen the shop on march 30th with some new colors for spring. etsy staff asked me to be the featured seller starting april 2nd, so that’s pretty exciting. the interview was fun to write (i did it twice actually). i made my husband work very hard to get a good picture of me, being very vain as well as self-concious – terrible combination.

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