business and pleasure, is that what they call it?


off to SF today for the entire weekend – bliss. going to see one of my favorite fabric reps. he’s always got a treasure full of things. it’s fun to visit him too ’cause his office is housed in this really cute cottage apartment off california street near the park. just really pretty walking around there.
also meeting with a new shop on fillmore street a friend suggested, Revolver. they sound great.
work aside, i can’t wait to see some old pals and meet up for a pint or two. my friend lee and i go way back, to college in san diego. he introduced the lonely, office-constrained, secretly creative me to my husband 11 years ago. so we’ll all toast that at toronado, where we met on that rainy night in february of 1999. i had no idea my future husband was 9 years my junior with that beard! poor guy, i always say i kind of highjacked his life but here we are in 2010 happy and married with 2 little kids. so it’ll be nice to get away, just the two of us.
the building above is really cool by the way. still there, with these ancient offices with frosted doors on each floor. there is a sister team who do button holes there that i go to for special pieces.
have a great weekend !

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