country wedding




giulietta and liz

giulietta and new friend grace

an old friend of ours was married saturday, outdoors in a rural area of santa cruz. jermey and i both had a hand in the wedding – i made her dress, a pretty glamorous number in a champaigne/sage silk and jeremy brewed a honey pale ale, the traditional “honeymoon beer” that pretty much guarantees you’ll be knocked up. it was delicious. we headed to the beach the next day, it was hot and a lot of fun as witnessed by jeremy in the last pic, well hidden under a ratty old umbrella listening to the ramones on a phone in his pocket.
after the beach we stopped off in SF for pizza on the way home. parking took an eternity and everyone was starving to death. when i took giulietta out of the car she was completely naked. she was easily the most beautiful thing in all of san francisco at that moment covered in sand and rose petals and golden curls.

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