shoppe talk


just a brief note about the shoppe reopening and also something new coming up. first, the summer collection will be available for a short time only:
june 15th – june 20th
after that i will be working on orders and designing a collection for spring 11′ for the boutiques i sell to, a time-consuming affair!

twenty-five should be ready a little into july. twenty-five is an online shoppe oami and i have been working on featuring modaspia and judah ross exclusively. there are several fiji dress options, a pintuck dress and pintuck blouse. oami’s designed some prints for judah ross that left me kinda speechless but i’ll keep it under wraps how they will manifest themselves. everything going into the shop i would want myself, all of it. orders will ship within a day or so. they are limited edition – only 25 of each in a range of sizes. hopefully everyone will love the new gear as much as i do and twenty-five will offer some nice choices while i work on my collection through the summer.

i’ll be sending out some postcards to all my etsy customers to promote twenty-five. if you’d like a postcard just send your address to

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