new headquarters !

as of tomorrow modaspia will finally be housed in a proper studio space instead of a kitchen, barn or garage (i’ve worked out of all 3). rent here in little ol’ placerville is pretty cheap and apparently there’s lots of open spaces. i looked at a few retail spaces but none called my name. this morning i went to see this space in the beautiful old masonic temple overlooking the town square. i love witchy old buildings and this one’s got plenty of magic and charm. my suite is the one just below the masonic engraving at the top. it’s on the 3rd floor and not really ideal for a retail spot but i’m going to set up a proper little shopping experience for anyone who’d like to visit sometime. i’ll post more pics after i get the place ready.

tomorrow is the grand opening of twenty-five kids ! i will post the website address here as soon everything’s ready.

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