looking at looks


i love the brick windows with white walls in this office.

germain, a shop martin clothes shares w/2 other designers in great barrington, MA.

more of germain – modern furniture, ceramics and martin clothes.

i love the look of the first photo. this photo alone convinced me to buy 4 buckets of “oyster” and plead with my husband to paint the place. before moving into the new studio we had a bit of prep work ahead of us. in the end i decided i had to have white walls with the beautiful 19th century brick windows there but we left the ceiling red for a bit of drama (and my husband drew the line at painting it).

the other photos are of germain where anne albert johnston set up shop in her hometown with 2 other designers. their shop feels really modern and everything fits well together. she started her line martin clothes back in ny where she had a small boutique that had a big following. she moved out to the country after having 2 girls and continued martin clothes by way of her online shop. germain is relatively new i think. i sort of follow what anne’s doing because i do find her inspirational and we have a few things in common. i’m not an ex-model like her but we’re about the same age, with little kids and living out in the country designing clothes.

i’ll post pictures of the studio after we get everything moved in next week.

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